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Child Support and COVID-19: A Novel Family Law Problem

My Ex-Spouse Lost Their Job Due To COVID-19. What Now?Recently, I receive a dozen or more calls each day from clients (past, present...
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New York Divorce 101 – An Overview

I’m Thinking Of A Divorce. Now What?If you or your spouse have made the decision to file for divorce, you might be wondering...
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Domestic Violence in New York – How a Lawyer Can Help

You Can Stop Domestic Violence In Its TracksAccording to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “[o]n average, nearly 20 people per minute are...

Best Interests Of The Child Standard Explained – A New York Child Custody Blog

What is the “Best Interests of the Child” Standard?Put bluntly, divorcing your spouse or leaving your significant other is an emotional nightmare. When...
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Unmarried Parents in New York – Child Custody Issues

How Do I Obtain Custody Of My Child?If you are unmarried and the child resides in the State of New York, you my...